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Virtual Reality Gets More Real with Roto

Virtual Reality Gets More Real with Roto

Virtual reality headsets take you to a completely different world where you can experience 3D visualizations. However, there are reasons for which Sony and Oculus haven’t yet released their devices in the commercial market. The void is being filled by Samsung Gear VR and other headsets powered by smartphones but the most immersive experiences will be delivered only with the help of devices which are powered by consoles and PCs. The way we interact with virtual reality is continuously evolving and new peripherals are being developed so that the experience can be enhanced. Roto is one of the gadgets which have been developed for this purpose.

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Roto- the Motorized Chair Platform

Roto is a power-driven chair platform and has a footplate controller using which you can control the speed and direction of the revolving seat. This seat brings a whole new level of realism to the virtual reality world.

One of the main goals of Roto is to provide VR users an increased sense of freedom when they are moving around their virtual environment. A true 360 degree experience is what you can get from the Roto.


How does it Work?

As you twist the footplate, the chair swivels in the direction you indicated. With this movement, you are not forcing an avatar to provide you a different perspective, but you are changing it physically in a natural way. You start the movement with your head and then your body follows, thereby giving a controlled progression between where you are facing and where you want to face. This almost removes the blur.

There are many benefits of using the Roto with which you move your body to change your field of vision. One of them is that you can enter the virtual reality world in a much smoother way. This is because the blurry vision is reduced and you are interacting with your surroundings in an improved manner.

The most common problem faced by many VR headsets-nausea, can be reduced significantly with Roto. Many people feel disoriented in the VR world as the brain feels confused. In the real world, with our movement, our inner ears’ fluid moves which is used by our brain along with other stimuli to keep us standing. However, in virtual world, our eyes move instead of the fluid in our inner ears. This confuses the brain and leads to disorientation and nausea. But when you are sitting in the Roto, you are actually moving, thereby diminishing the chance of disorientation and the sick feeling.

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The device will be launched in Kickstarter and the campaign will start from 12th March, 2015. The company plans to sell the footplate and the base for around $310 i.e. below £200.

It is a long time till we get to experience the full functionality of Roto and just like VR headsets, we cannot expect its commercial release this year by any means.

What do you think?

Do you think Roto can solve the nausea problem faced by VR headsets? Should other such devices be developed for this purpose? Share your views in the comments below.

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