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Virtual Reality Film to Focus on Ebola Horror

Virtual Reality Film to Focus on Ebola Horror

The horror that the deadly Ebola virus brought with it can now be experienced in virtual reality. Until now, we used to watch news reports and read articles about the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. Now you will be able to experience it from close quarters. Waves of Grace is a virtual reality film created by Chris Milk and Gabo Arora. It is the second UN project which has been developed by Vrse.works, a virtual reality production company based in Los Angeles.

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Experiencing the VR Film- Waves of Grace

The intention of the VR film is to bring politicians and decision-makers closer to the problems they govern, thereby helping in explaining the true horror of the Ebola virus.

The film focuses on the story of Decontee Davis, a young woman who has survived the virus herself, comforting a child infected with Ebola. She is not seen wearing any protective mask or suit as she is already immune from the virus.

The short film also features scenes from a town square, a school and a local market. In one scene, you will find yourself standing near a freshly-dug grave while the latest Ebola victim is lowered in the grave.

Another scene places you in a classroom where a group of children are learning the alphabet as you sit in one of the seats.

Patrick Milling Smith, co-founder of Vrse.works and producer of the film, said to WIRED “You can quite literally make someone feel like they have been teleported to a destination. This seems to be a medium that can completely stop you in your tracks.”

A Film About Hope

Created in collaboration with Vice Media and produced by the United Nations, this film is not about despair, but it is about hope. It gives hope that things can get better. Till date, around 27,500 confirmed, probable or suspected Ebola cases have been reported in Africa, with a fatality rate of just under 50 percent. More support is needed urgently from outside as approximately 30,000 children have been orphaned by this virus.

The film has been shot using a purpose-built VR camera. You have to turn your head as you enter the virtual reality world to watch everything. This makes you feel you are in Liberia itself looking straight in the eyes of the people fighting this disease.

Even if you don’t wear a VR headset, you can get a taste of VR with the use of latest technologies. Options include a 360 degree web player which can be scrolled down. Chris Milk, Vrse founder and CEO said explaining the technology “We call it the on-ramp to virtual reality.”

You can watch Waves of Grace using the Google Cardboard or Samsung phones with Gear VR. In case you don’t have a VR headset, you can download the Vrse app for iOS and Android for free.

What about you?

Are you going to see this VR film? Do you have any VR headset? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – galaxyclub.nl

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