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Stella Artois Gives you A Virtual Reality View of Wimbledon

Stella Artois Gives you A Virtual Reality View of Wimbledon

The Wimbledon tennis tournament is now well in progress in the UK. The yearly outdoor event is one of the four major events in the World Tennis Association calendar. However, there are some challenges which are faced during the game. Lots of pigeons often fly down to the Centre Court, disturbing the game unknowingly. To fight with this problem, Wimbledon uses a hawk named Rufus to patrol the skies and stop pigeons from disturbing the game. Now you will be able to get the hawk’s eye view of the game using virtual reality.

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Challenges Faced in Wimbledon

As mentioned earlier, there are many challenges which are faced in Wimbledon. It is played on a natural grass surface which might affect how the ball bounces and how players use their tactics. Another challenge faced includes presence of wildlife near the game areas. The pigeons are kept at bay by the hawk Rufus so that the tennis tournament is not disturbed. In 2012, there was even a minor scandal, as the hawk was stolen from his handlers.

Virtual Reality Experience

The sponsor and official beer of the championships, Stella Artois has created a virtual reality experience which allows you to have a bird’s eye view of the courts. It could even provide a better view of all the action going on in the Wimbledon than any single seat view for which you have to shell out £2,667.

The experience has been named the Perfect Flight and has been developed by unit9. It can be experienced through Google Cardboard. It uses the accelerometer of the iPhone to provide a 360-degree view of the Wimbledon and its nearby grounds. Stella Artois developed an app which can be obtained in the iTunes store. It is also available on Google Play.

Visitors at the Waterloo Station in London and other bar locations were able to view this VR experience even a few days back. If you were unable to experience it there, you can view the web version of the experience at http://www.flylikerufus.com/.

You could also open up the video in your smartphone’s YouTube app and view a Wimbledon virtual reality experience.

Stella Artois will also give away Google Cardboard headsets which can be used with the app. You can get the details from the Twitter account of Stella Artois.

What about you?

Are you going to try out the online VR experience of Wimbledon? Do you think this is an innovative way of promotion? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Article Source – vrfocus.com

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