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Control Wearables Easily with Augumenta Interaction Platform

Control Wearables Easily with Augumenta Interaction Platform

Augumenta, a Finnish development company has created a platform which can help users control wearables equipped with a camera, without any difficulty. Interaction with wearable devices will be changed drastically with the Augumenta Interaction Platform. They have launched this software toolkit at the Wearable Tech Conference & Expo that was recently held in New York. It is the first toolkit which has been designed to execute touch free and natural interaction on all wearable devices which are vision-enabled.

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Augumenta Interaction Platform

With the Augumenta Interaction Platform, the company is trying to increase the use of augmented reality in wearable devices like Epson Moverio glasses, Google Glass and the prototype of ChipSIP Smart Glass.

This software toolkit can help users in a number of ways:

  • It will give the users a powerful and spontaneous control for active lifestyle.
  • Users can input private data securely using augmented reality.
  • They can control things around them easily with a few gestures of their hands.
  • Wearable devices can be easily controlled.
  • The platform can help in making wearable devices helpful not only for work but also for play.

Users will be able to frame and click photos by waving their hands. They can control payment transactions by using their hand as a keypad for entering their PIN. With augmented reality, slider controls can be overlaid on the fingers of the users, using which they can control complex factory machinery.

Who will be benefitted?

Manufacturers, developers or integrators and users will be benefitted with this software toolkit. Let us have a look at how this platform can be used by different people.

  • Developers or Integrators

Developers can use the power of this platform to set up consumer applications and professional solutions for wearable devices which are currently in the market as well devices which will be available in the future.

  • Manufacturers

This platform is one of the most advanced control interface which is available for application settings that are in-motion and dynamic. With this platform, manufacturers can decrease the time to market their products.

  • Users

Normal users as mentioned earlier will be able to use this platform for fast and easy recognition, which will make the wearables useful for work as well as play.

With virtual surface control and gesture control, the Augumenta Interaction Platform will be able to make interaction with wearable devices really easy.

What do you think?

Do you think the Augumenta Interaction Platform will be helpful for users? Do you know about any other platform which can help in controlling wearables easily? Share your insights in the comments below.

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