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DAQRI Smart Helmet for Industrial Workers

DAQRI Smart Helmet for Industrial Workers

DAQRI, the Los Angeles-based company, has built a Smart Helmet for those working in an industry. This hardhat which is powered by Android, features a protective screen over a range of sponsors and a heads-up display. These features help workers to monitor the metrics and safely map their environment. With this wearable device, now industrial works can be done in a safer way than before. So what does the helmet offer to the workers? Let us have a look at this post to know more about it.

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The DAQRI Smart Helmet

The HD display has fully transparent optics which helps in reading both in bright and low light conditions. Workers at other sites or those who will be working in the future can get necessary information in the Industrial 4D Studio through the specially designed work packages that are created there. DAQRI has created industrial apps also that can be incorporated with existing software and hardware. The display provides the workers the opportunity to see 4D content and with an integrated smart watch, they can control the interface.

Features of the Smart Helmet

Advanced sensors like a high-resolution 3D depth camera, industrial-grade inertial measurement unit, 360 degree navigation cameras along with a refined augmented reality sensor package make the DAQRI Smart Helmet. 3D mapping, photography, HD video recording and alphanumeric capture are some of the functions which this hardhat can perform. The alphanumeric capture function allows it to read and understand instrument data and signage. Two Qualcomm Snapdragon processor chips are used by this device and data collected by sensors and cameras are stored on flash cartridges.

Organizations will be able to offer intuitive instructions to their workers with the ‘True 4D’ display of the Smart Helmet. This will help the workers to understand the processes faster, spend lesser time on each step of the process and make lesser errors. With the 4D display, the steps are shown as per the job and this in turn increases efficiency, saves money and provides analytics which show the improvement of the process.

The shipping of the DAQRI Smart Helmet is expected to start, from next month onwards. This means that soon the industrial works can be done in a safer way.

What about you?

Are you going to use the DAQRI Smart Helmet? What other applications of DAQRI do you like? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – geek.com


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