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GogglePal- First Augmented Reality HUD for Skiers

GogglePal- First Augmented Reality HUD for Skiers

Skiers and snowboarders can have extra fun now, thanks to GogglePal, the first augmented reality head up display for goggles. You can enjoy moving through the slopes of a snow covered mountain in your skies or snow boards and at the same time have a taste of smart technology. An otherwise normal skiing or snowboarding experience will become exciting with the addition of augmented reality technology. The project is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds. It is not a standalone unit like RideOn, another AR goggle for skiers. Rather it consists of two components which can be added to any standard ski goggles.

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The GogglePal

The first component, the project display, is attached to the goggle lens using a magnetic button and the second component, the controller pack, which has a button that you can use even if you are wearing a mitten, is attached to your goggle straps. This makes it possible for wearers to use GogglePal with different pair of goggles. The total weight of the unit is 58g.

How will the GogglePal help Wearers?

GogglePal will help the wearers track their stats like calories burned, acceleration, speed, time, vertical drop and direction. All these data can be seen in real time from a small HUD, right in the corner of the eye.

You can stay connected with your friends even when you are on the mountains. You can find them on a digital trail map, meet them, leave messages for them and even challenge them. You will be able to create on-mountain treasure hunts and track the improvement that you have made over the season. The AR HUD acts as your GPS, altimeter, trail map and more. You can use a relevant app for iOS, with or without the goggles.

Three GogglePal Models

There are three models of the GogglePal AR HUD. They include Sport model, Connect model and the Play model.

With the first model, users will get message notifications for air time, vertical drop, speed, calories burned and rotation. All they need to do is use the controller button to move through the screens, just like Google Glass.

The second model provides navigation data with heads-up arrows and other cues with which skiers can locate friends and move through a resort.

The third model brings in a game called Treasure Hunt, which projects a mountainside with treasures you have to hunt and leave for friends.

If you want, you can pledge your funds for the Kickstarter campaign which is running till 28th May, 2015 and get a headset at a reduced rate. The GogglePal Sport model will be available at $99 USD. The Connect model at $159 and the Play model at $259.

What about you?

Are you going to pre-order the GogglePal from Kickstarter? Have you used any other augmented reality headset? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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