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Five Applications for Google Glass That You Can’t Miss

Five Applications for Google Glass That You Can’t Miss

Google Glass is finally moving out of US after it was first introduced two years ago. Google is bringing Glass to the UK. Work is still going on to add more features to it and make it more helpful for the users. However, there are apps which have been developed for Google Glass and are already being used by many Glass Explorers. The applications can be used for many purposes. If you are a Google Glass Explorer, you should not miss out these applications. We have listed five apps of Google Glass which are not limited to just entertainment, but have a practical use.

Top Five Apps for Google Glass

  • GuidiGo

AR app GuidiGo will make your visit to the gallery a memorable one. You can enjoy your cultural trip even if you know very little about art. When you use the app with your Glass, you will be able to watch videos, zoom in on a canvas or listen to any audio commentary. The app provides real-time explanations of sculptures, paintings and landmarks which are visible to the users, right in their Glass.

  • Word Lens

The Word Lens app has been recently acquired by Google. This app will help you deal with your inability to read different languages. Even if you lack linguistic skills and do not know many languages, you can understand them with the help of Word Lens. Users can look up with their Glass at signs or directions given in any languages like Italian, Portuguese, Russian or German and see them translated into English in their line of sight.

  • Race Yourself

Another augmented reality app, Race Yourself, makes running more fun. This app lets you compete against a version of yourself. You can measure your progress in real time as there will be a 3D avatar in Glass, running at a speed which you had in your last run. You will also be able to race against your friends, celebrities and even zombies.

  • Captioning on Glass

Students at Georgia Tech University are working on the project Captioning on Glass and have developed an app that recognizes speech and transforms it into captions that are visible on screen in real time. This can help those who are hard of hearing. They can wear Google Glass and read what is being said as the conversations appear as text on Glass.

  • FireFighterLog

This app for Google Glass has been developed by Patrick Jackson, a firefighter and mobile app developer from North Carolina. This app can help in putting out fires. Firefighters wearing Google Glass will be able to get key information about dangers in a location, current fires and also provide blueprints of a building’s floor plans. This will cut down the time the firefighters need to spend in a burning building.

With time, it can be expected that more useful apps will be developed which will make Google Glass even more useful.

What do you say?

Are you a Google Glass Explorer? Have you used any of these apps? Do you know about any other Google Glass app which you find useful? Look forward to your insights in the comments below.


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