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Dubai Police to Use Google Glass Soon

Dubai Police to Use Google Glass Soon

Google Glass has already made its entry in law enforcement with the New York Police Department. Now it’s turn for the Dubai police. Dubai law enforcement is about to get hi-tech with Google Glass entering the market. The police force of this city is going to be equipped with this augmented reality device in the near future. Even though the excitement regarding these smart glasses has lessened over the past few months, the device still aims to be one of the most innovative augmented reality headsets in the coming days.  With Google Glass, Dubai police will be able to get the required help in identifying criminals.

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Augmented Reality Gaining a Foothold in the Law Enforcement Field

This technology can turn out to be a really powerful tool in the field of law enforcement. Already in the US, the facial recognition database of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is being improved and it is being hoped that it will have around 52 million entries in the coming year. The database can be accessed using an AR device and the users will be able to recognize anybody they are looking at, instantly. The police force of Dubai is hoping to use the smart glass in a similar fashion.

How will Google Glass Help the Police Force?

The Dubai police have developed their own software that will be used by Glass. This software will give the law enforcement personnel the right to use a facial recognition database. This database will help them to find out a connection between the wanted criminals and the suspects. The use of Glass will be done in a series of phases. The first phase will be the tracking of vehicles that are alleged of violating traffic rules. The second phase will include the use of Glass by detectives who are working with the Dubai police force. The cost of each pair of Glass will be around $1,500.

Augmented reality is gradually shifting from a novelty application to a practical one. Use of this amazing technology in medical, education and law enforcement sectors is proof enough of how this technology has evolved over the years.

What about you?

Have you used Google Glass yet? Do you think this augmented reality device still holds a chance to get past other smart glasses which are entering the market? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – au.ibtimes.com


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