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Google Glass Might Save Millions for Fast Food Chains

Google Glass Might Save Millions for Fast Food Chains

You might have heard about the successful use of Google Glass in different sectors like healthcare, real estate and more. What if these glasses could help in saving money? Well, reports suggest that now by using these augmented reality glasses, fast food chains might be able to do just that. Recently, KFC, one of the largest global fast food chains had run a trail with Google Glass. The test consisted of training the employees of KFC to use the wearable device with a software program. The program was designed to enhance the overall efficiency rate of the employees. Yum Brands, the parent company of KFC could decrease its labor costs significantly with the Google Glass.

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The Trial

Ankur Gopal, an engineer based in Kentucky and the CEO of Interapt, a mobile technology company, created the training program where Google Glass was used for the trial. Employees had to wear these smart glasses and they were able to see various on-screen prompts that gave them the required directions, which they had to follow bit by bit to complete different tasks. The tasks included shutting down a fryer, assembling a food item on the menu, even closing the location for the night. The result was that these smart glasses helped in saving around 2 percent of its labor costs at the stores where the trial took place.

The Report

According to a report published in USA Today, Gopal told that almost 2 percent of the labor costs had been saved at the stores where the program was used. Yum Brands owns Pizza Hut and Taco Bell apart from KFC. If by using Google Glass in some of the stores helped to save some percent of labor costs, it would definitely help save millions of dollars across the 8,000 plus locations, where these fast food chains have numerous stores. However, this result wasn’t confirmed officially as the company itself didn’t conduct this trial.

The staff members were able to learn more quickly with these augmented reality glasses which resulted in this savings.

To enhance the efficiency of workers as well as the productivity, Google Glass is being used in different industries. Not only fast food chains, but other verticals can also start using these smart glasses to save millions of dollars in the future by improving the efficiency.

What do you think?

Do you think Google Glass has the potential of saving millions for different industries? What other benefits can be obtained by using this AR glass? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – glassappsource.com


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