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Oakley and Ray-Ban to Lend Style to Google Glass

Oakley and Ray-Ban to Lend Style to Google Glass

Google Glass will now have a stylish look to it, thanks to Oakley and Ray-Ban. The company has recently announced a partnership with Luxottica, the parent company of Oakley and Ray-Ban to create more fashionable versions of the Glass. The styles of these two renowned eyewear brands will now be incorporated in Google Glass. This partnership will lend the much needed style to this wearable device, thereby confirming its place in the wish list of many consumers. People will now wait even more eagerly than ever before, for the release of this gadget.

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Attraction for All

The pairing with Ray-Ban and Oakley means that the device will attract every kind of consumer, be it less tech-oriented or tech enthusiasts. Ray-Ban, which is an American classic, will draw consumers in the US market, who are not so interested in technology, but have a keen sense of fashion. Oakley on the other hand, is known for its revolutionary designs and will help in drawing loyal consumers, who are more inclined towards technology. So, the Glass devices from Ray-Ban and Oakley will be a blend of style and technology and will help in attracting different types of consumers.

A New Generation of Groundbreaking Devices

According to the CEO of Luxottica Group, Andrea Guerra, a point has come where there is both a consumer pull and a technology push for the applications and products of wearable technology. He also added that to meet this situation, a new generation of revolutionary devices needs to be created. This can be done by combining the innovative technology expertise of Google with the deep knowledge, unique expertise and quality of the Luxottica Group.

There was a report earlier which said that Google was planning to open retail stores for Glass. However, as per the official Glass blog, there are suggestions that Google may depend on this Group for making its debut in conventional retail.  The statement in the blog said, “Luxottica’s retail and wholesale distribution channels will serve us well when we make Glass available to more people down the road.”

According to the head of Google X and Google’s vice-president, Astro Teller, they are excited to partner with Luxottica, as Google looks to take Glass and the wider industry forward into the developing market of smart eyewear.

However, there are still a considerable number of cynics for Google Glass. The high price of $1,500 along with the negative reports of media and most importantly the delay in its release for mainstream consumers is what drives in skepticism.

But, the partnership with Luxottica is a signal that Google is taking steps to bring Glass for the consumers in the near future.

Image Source – www.bgr.in

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