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Bike Rides to Become Safer with Guardian GA-1 Motorcycle Helmet

Bike Rides to Become Safer with Guardian GA-1 Motorcycle Helmet

Emerging technologies like wearables, augmented reality, voice and gesture interaction, digital eyewear and more dominated this year’s Augmented World Expo. AWE 2014 was held in California from 27th May, 2014 to 29th May, 2014. Among several demonstrations of innovative products by different companies, one of them concentrated on the use of augmented reality and smart glasses to make bike riding a smarter and safer experience. Fusar Technologies was the company which introduced the new Guardian GA-1 motorcycle helmet at AWE 2014.

Guardian GA-1 Motorcycle Helmet

The helmet includes a heads-up display (HUD) along with voice commands, voice recordings and augmented reality. As mentioned earlier, the aim of the Guardian GA-1 is to keep bike riders safe. There is a backward facing camera which channels a “rearview mirror” live feed into the smart glasses that are built in the helmet. The smart glasses used are Epson Moverio glasses. Apart from the live feed, GPS navigation information is also passed to the smart glasses. There are microphones and in-built speakers that are responsible for handling the voice commands from the wearers of the helmets.

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How will it help the riders?

The company hasn’t yet released any public specifications but the official website contains the project video. The video suggest that the Guardian helmet will help bike riders to find gas stations, monitor traffic conditions, keep a track of their fellow riders and also take videos and photos. All this will be possible without the riders actually using their hands.

Other High-tech Motorcycle helmets

Other high-tech helmets have also been developed which concentrate on making bike rides a safer one. Skully Helmets, which are in the beta testing phase, have tried to use similar technologies in their helmets. The aim of these companies is to create a system which will use augmented reality and display information to bike riders through HUDs without distracting them in tough driving conditions like UPS trucks, ambient noise, road glare, etc.

Fusar Technologies plans to bring the Guardian GA-1 helmet in the market within one year.

What do you say?

Are you ready to use these helmets using the latest technologies? Do you think Skully helmets will be better than the Guardian? Look forward to your insights in the comments.

Image Source – www.autoevolution.com

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