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Wearable Technology- Do they Really Increase Productivity?

Wearable Technology- Do they Really Increase Productivity?

Wearable technology, which is now evolving rapidly, will go mainstream within a few years. But, how is it going to affect our daily lives? Will they increase our productivity or will they just remain a mode of entertainment. Those who have adopted devices like augmented reality glasses, smart watches, etc. earlier than others, seem to find them as entertaining. The smooth integration of these devices with the digital world and the constant accessibility of digital social interaction and entertainment might be a source of distraction for many, thereby providing lesser productivity.

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A Related Study

A study which was recently conducted by Goldsmiths, University of London in the United Kingdom showed that people who used wearable devices could increase their productivity by 8 percent. The study was conducted on 120 employees of a media company. The employees used devices which were specially designed to improve their productivity, posture and concentration. The study showed that while some devices had a positive effect on productivity, others had the opposite effect. A 9 percent decrease in alertness was seen in the employees of the media company who were surveyed. However, there was also a report of higher job satisfaction level.

Productivity is Not Considered for Most Wearable Devices

Productivity is not considered while most of the wearable devices are designed. Majority of them are considered for entertainment or social networking. For example, augmented reality glasses act as a source for the consumption of digital media. Smart watches, which are also used for a similar reason, have limited features compared to tablets and smartphones. While the wearable devices can be used for different purpose, they will mainly find their use among people as a means of entertainment. This could cause a significant decrease in productivity for many.

Decrease in productivity- Not an Unsolvable Issue

Even if most of the wearable devices are not designed with productivity in mind, its decrease cannot be considered to be an unsolvable issue. Like tablets and smartphones, mobile applications can also be used in these wearable devices. Many such mobile apps are designed in such a way so that productivity is not diminished. These apps can be used along with the wearable technology to solve the issue of decreasing productivity. They can limit access to the Internet or prevent users from accessing certain digital content for a pre-defined amount of time. This will lead to increased productivity thereby solving the issue easily.

What do you think? Will wearable technology decrease productivity in the long run or will it help in improving it? Share with us your views about this rapidly evolving technology.

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