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Virtual Reality

VR Film- Waves of Grace

Virtual Reality Film to Focus on Ebola Horror

The horror that the deadly Ebola virus brought with it can now be experienced in virtual reality. Until now, we used to watch news reports...

Virtual Reality in Retail

3 Industries That Are Benefiting From Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has still a long way to go before it enters mainstream. But already, many industries have started using this technology to...

VRLA - Virtual Reality Event

The Many Forms of Virtual Reality At The VRLA

The third annual VRLA, an event where VR creators and enthusiasts gather, was held on 29th August at Los Angeles Convention Center. At the...

Mobile Technology

Augmented Reality Retail

Augmented Reality Campaign for Retail

How to Create an Immersive Augmented Reality Campaign for Retail?

The use of augmented reality by retailers for creating effective campaigns is increasing at a rapid rate. With these campaigns they hope to...

AR Events

InsideAR_San Francisco_2015

Book Your Tickets for InsideAR San Francisco Now!

It’s time for InsideAR again, the leading augmented reality event for tech companies, industry leaders and brands alike. Get ready to...