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UIEvolution Launches Astray- An Augmented Reality App

UIEvolution Launches Astray- An Augmented Reality App

UIEvolution Inc., a universal front runner in connected screen solutions has announced the launch of an augmented reality application for mobiles, named Astray. The app shows how computer vision can enhance the revenue opportunities, point-of-sale engagement and the brand awareness. The development of this application by UIEvolution, which was among the companies that adopted AR early, shows its abilities to solve the problems of using accelerometer. This company has utilized accelerometer to model gravity in a realistic way, within the AR space context. This feat has been achieved by very few companies in the industry.

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About Astray

Astray takes the format of a maze game and is built on the popular graphics engine Unity. Both adults as well as kids will find this game interesting.  The environments in the maze-like Celtic world of the game, changes and players will be able to feel the same, in the outside world as they do within a mobile device. As seen in the first generation augmented reality products, in case of Astray, players don’t need to download and print a target. They only need to click a picture of a flat surface like that of a box or book or any other item. That surface will be used as a game board by Astray, thereby smoothly attaching a rich 3D surrounding to it.

The AR experience that is created with Astray by mixing animated 3D models in the application is unmatched for in the market. With this application, an augmented reality world is created for the players with videos, graphics, audios and other sensory enhancements that are overlaid on the real world environment and that too in real time. The dynamism and the mystery of the app captivate the players as they try to complete the game within the required time.

The Software Platform

The Software platform that has been used by UIEvolution for creating Astray is Qualcomm’s Vuforia. This software platform provides an extremely convincing image tracking which makes it impossible to distinguish between the real and the virtual world. Vuforia acts as the medium to merge the augmented and real worlds together.

How to Play Astray?

If you want to play Astray, first you need to download the app from the Google Play or Apple Store. Once it is downloaded, you need to hold your mobile device parallel to the target, so that the viewfinder is filled with it completely. Snap a picture and you are ready to play the game. Now to make the ball move through the mazes, rotate the paper accordingly. Remember not to move your mobile device.

So, it can be hoped that this augmented reality game, which has been created by one of the leading mobile solutions provider of Fortune 1000 companies, will make a strong impact on the users.

Image Source – www.uievolution.com 

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