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iBO Live Launches Interactive AR Book for Children

iBO Live Launches Interactive AR Book for Children

At a time when children are increasingly getting addicted to games and social media, iBO Live is trying to bring back kids to books. They are using the same device to which they are addicted to encourage them to read. They have launched the Jack Hunter series in the form of an interactive augmented reality book. The book is for kids of 8-13 years of age. The readers of the book can interact with it using their tablets or smartphones by taking part in different hunts for treasure and other missions.

The Augmented Reality Book

The developers of iBO Live have used the game engine of Unity 3D and plug-in of Vuforia Qualcomm to develop a deep gaming experience for the readers. The game thus built, merges elements of point-and-click adventure with environment puzzles and hidden objects.

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Readers can scan the cover of the book with a mobile device to bring it to life. Then the readers will be taken to the depth of the story where they will be able to build their own story. The story revolves around Jack and his friends who travel back in time to 1392 AD. They do so in order to find out an ancient secret. The readers will see Jack and his friends solving puzzles, finding hidden clues and moving onto other adventures by unlocking them.

Author Speak

The author of the Jack Hunter series, Martin King, said that from the instant when readers scan the cover of the book, every picture in the book becomes a hidden clue. Traditional elements of adventure are there along with some changes on convention.

He also added that, in order to explore the environments in 3D mode with a full 360 degree view, the puzzles need gyroscopic controls of the readers’ smartphones or tablets. The 3D jigsaw puzzles need to be placed in the correct manner so that it is leaning in the right position.

According to lead developer of iBO Live, Steve Marshall, with augmented reality, author of books can bring characters to life and lift off the story from the pages for the readers.

The iOS version of the app is available for download from the Apple App Store. Users of Android will be able to get the app pretty soon. The book can be downloaded from Waterstones, Amazon and WHSmiths stores.

Image Source – incredebooks.myshopify.com

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