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New iPhone Apps You Must Download

New iPhone Apps You Must Download

There are few exciting iPhone apps launched this week that are worth downloading. The super-cool storytelling app from The Moth is one of them. The list also includes the augmented reality app Guinness World Records 2014 and the interactive fiction title Device 6.

The Moth: This storytelling iPhone app brings you the stories told on the public radio show called “The Moth Radio Hour”. You can stream and download the stories told at The Moth to your device. This app will cost you $0.99.

The Moth is a popular theater in New York, a gathering place for storytellers who give on-stage personal accounts. The stories featured in this show are often funny and emotional and it is the success of this program that led to the creation of “The Moth Radio Hour”, a popular public radio show. This app for iPhone will allow the users to access those cool stories. Users can listen to streams of various stories from different people. Besides, The Moth app also allows marking stories as favorites, enabling the users to listen the stories later again, share them over social networks, and download them and listen in offline mode. The Moth is worth downloading if you like dramatic storytelling in audio form.

Guinness World Records 2014 – Augmented Reality: This is a free augmented reality app for iPhone devices. This app brings additional content to the users to go with the Guinness World Records book of this year. In short, Guinness World Records 2014 – Augmented Reality allows you to turn the most recent record at Guinness World Records book into an innovative augmented reality experience.

Guinness compiles the world records into a single book every year. And these records include the world’s most extreme things. The books are interesting enough, but this year you can turn those incidents into visuals using this augmented reality app and access the same with your iPhone or iPad. This augmented reality app scans the pages of this year’s record book and overlay pictures on your device’s screen. Using the Guinness World Records 2014 – Augmented Reality app you can see things like the biggest snake of the world and/ or video clips associated with the records. Besides, it offers various interactive elements to make the app even more interesting.

Device 6: This interactive fiction title comes with an interesting presentation. This iPhone app costs $3.99 and is available at Apple stores. Developed by Simogo, Device 6 is an interactive fiction game where players need to read along with a story and interact with strange elements mentioned in the text.

Though at first glance this iPhone app may look like an ebook that unfolds a story slowly, the game-like elements starts appearing as you read. The interactive images and buttons become apparent and insert themselves directly into the text. However, unlocking the story gets weird over time as you will find text moving around your screen or become busy finding strange elements and solving their puzzles. This is one iPhone app you really can’t miss, especially if you love storytelling in your games.

Image Source – http://themoth.org

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