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Animal Planet & Fuzzy Frog Releases AR App Real Scary Spiders

Animal Planet & Fuzzy Frog Releases AR App Real Scary Spiders

Real Scary Spiders, an augmented reality app has been released by Discovery Communications and developed by Fuzzy Frog. The app lets users play the role of tarantula owners. As with this technology, the players can bring the spider in the real world by overlaying it on a target image like the cover of a magazine or even a wall.

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Playing the Game

As users enter the game play, they can learn about different intriguing facts about various breeds of spiders through this app. New spiders are unlocked as they move ahead in the game and complete different levels.

Features of the App

  • Terrifyingly Realistic

The app is not for the faint-hearted people as amazing graphics are used to give the spiders a terrifyingly realistic look and feel.

  • Caring for your Spider

You can care for your spider by feeding it squishy insects and keep it healthy and happy. You can teach your spider new tricks as well.

  • Collecting Different Species

You can collect all the species of spider with this game. Some of the species include Mexican Fireleg, the Blue Fang, Rio Grande Gold, the Chilean Rose and Cobalt Blue. You can learn unknown facts about these spiders.

  • Sharing with Friends

With augmented reality feature, you can take wonderful pictures of your virtual spider and share them with your friends through the Real Scary Spiders App.

Continuous Playing

If you want to continue playing, customers can purchase the Animal Planet Web Blasting Tarantula at Toys”R”Us. They will then be able to use the package of the toy as a game trigger. The package when scanned with the app will activate an interactive experience which will make the box come to life within the app.


This free app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Android 4.0 or above and iOS 6.0 or above is required for the app to work. The device should have a rear facing camera for the features to work. While the app is free of charge, it contains some items which are required to be purchased with real money.

Animal Planet has created other popular apps like Hide & Seek Pets, which is a kids’ app and also Tanked Aquarium App, launched with a broadcast integration. The Animal Planet Real Scary Spiders App is the latest to join this long list.

Image Source – play.google.com

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