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InsideAR 2014- The Biggest Global Augmented Reality Conference

InsideAR 2014- The Biggest Global Augmented Reality Conference

InsideAR, the biggest augmented reality conference in the world will be held this year in Munich, Germany. The event will continue for two days, 29th October and 30th October, 2014 at the Kleine Olympiahalle. 3D Sensors and Wearable Technologies- this will be the main topic of this year’s InsideAR. Companies from different parts of the world will be take part in this event. Some of the companies include Cisco, Intel, DHL, NVIDIA, Daimler, Carrier, Epson and VW. The event will be hosted again by Metaio just like other years. Key insights are expected to be shared on where the future of augmented reality is going. The theme of the event will continue to be “Always On, Always Augmented”.

What to Expect?

So what can you expect at InsideAR 2014? Here are a few highlights of what you will get in this event.

  • Interesting Sessions On Different Topics

The topics include Post-smartphone Augmented Reality, Computer Vision Disrupting the Retail Sector, Mobile devices open their eyes, AR driving the Automotive Industry, Building Realties: Populating the Augmented Layer, Deep dive into the latest features of the Metaio Platform, Industry 4.0, Augmenting the Product Life Cycle, Revolutionizing the Product Experience, and Augmented reality in Medicine.

  • Speakers from All Across the Globe

Speakers from some of the renowned companies across the globe are going to be present in the event. Some of the companies and the speakers representing them include Prof. Dr. Schreiber from Volkswagen, Valérie Riffaud-Cangelosi from EPSON, Carl Byers from NGRAIN, Ronal Azuma from Intel Labs User Experience Research, Gina Chung from DHL, Annette Zimmermann from Gartner, Marc Necker from Daimler, Neil Trevett from NVIDIA and Khronos Group, Rohit Talwar from Fast Future Research, Thorsten Stephan from SAP, Alissia Iljaitsch from VECTORFORM, Artur Grzybowski from Jaguar and Dirk Schlesinger from CISCO.

  • Exciting Workshops

10 exciting workshops will be held at the event which the people can attend. Some of them include How AR enhances the Remote-Expert-Situation, Hands-on SDK for Developers, User Experience in Industry 4.0 Applications, How to build the ultimate Shopping Scanner and AR on the Agency Level.

  • More than 30 Inspirational Demos of Augmented Reality

Over 30 inspirational augmented reality presentations will be held in the event for the attendees to see. Some of them include demonstrations on Industrial AR, AR on Wearables, Face Tracking (Virtual try on), Award winning AR Edge Based Tracking, Google Glass on BMW i8, Creator 4.0, Metaio SDK 6.0, AREngine and Junaio.

With 1000 attendees, 35 speakers from 28 countries, more than 15 hours of presentations and 27 international sponsors, InsideAR 2014 will be a huge event. If you want to be a part of this event you can register at http://de.amiando.com/insideAR2014.html.

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