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Hado’ AR Game Lets You Shoot Fireballs in Real-Envrionment

Hado’ AR Game Lets You Shoot Fireballs in Real-Envrionment

Augmented reality games have become quite popular among gaming enthusiasts and more and more companies are busy developing new games. Now a Japanese software start-up Meleap, has created an AR game named HADO which is envisioned as a form of next-generation sports. This is because it uses digital technologies which make the players actually move in real life while playing this AR game. It cannot be considered completely as eSports. So, how can you play HADO? Check out this post to know more about this unique game.

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Playing with Head-Mounted Displays

According to an article on Toyokeizai Online, for playing HADO, you need to use a head-mounted display (HMD). A smartphone is attached to the pair of goggles and an accompanying smartwatch is also used. However, the headset used is not like Sony’s Project Morpheus or Oculus Rift. It works in a similar way like the Google Glass because it lets users see their environment along with digital elements projected onto the camera feed.

To play the game, a HADO player can move his hand in different directions to mimic different actions. The smartwatch detects the vector of the motion that the player makes and on-screen a relevant action is generated. For instance, if a player moves his hand forward towards the enemy, a fireball is generated.

If the player wants to charge up energy, he/she has to thrust it downwards. A healing spell can be cast if the player moves his/her hand to the side.

Player vs. Environment Mode

The present development build only features a Player vs. Environment (PvE) mode. The build has been tested out at different events in Japan.

But Meleap is also working on other modes of play which include 3v3 and other team modes. Hiroshi Fukuda, the CEO of Meleap said that the original intention was for the PvE mode to be the main playing element. It would be a type of Monster Hunter co-op game which can be played as players move their body.

However, the start-up comprising of six people, found it hard to create such a mode as it was difficult and the cost of creating different elements was also high. So, now the team is thinking of turning it into a sport by building it around the PvP mode.

Fukuda said “It’s not simply to reduce the costs of development. This was a decision that we felt would allow players to best enjoy the game’s key feature: moving their bodies around to play.”

The plan of the company is to monetize the game by making players use their proprietary head-mounted display and through in-game purchases. A crowdfunding campaign might also be started to raise funds for hardware development.

We can hope that the game gets finally released with all these steps.

What’s your thought?

What do you think about this HADO game? Have you played any augmented reality game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image & Article Source – eventhubs.com

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