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Augmented Reality to Be Used By Porsche for Auto Repairs

Augmented Reality to Be Used By Porsche for Auto Repairs

There are many processes that take place when you send a car for repairs to the dealership. Often at times, the dealership service departments contact the experts to help them fix a problem. To make the process faster and more efficient, Porsche is launching an augmented reality system in the United States. The system is in trial phase right now and will be available soon for use. The augmented reality system is called the Tech Live Look. Let’s check out how this AR system works:

How does the Tech Live Look Work
In situations where the help of tech experts is needed, a video call is set up between the experts at Porsche’s Atlanta center and the dealership service departments. This is done using a set of glasses fitted with HD video and a small screen. The system will work in such a way that when any dealer in the US faces a problem, they can get in touch with the experts at Porsche headquarters. As the dealer makes the call to the HQ, wearing ODG R-7 smart glasses and uses the AiR Enterprise software, the expert is able to see every detail the technician is looking at through a high-definition video.
The expert at Porsche HQ, can then take screenshots, jot down notes on his screen and watch the problem at hand minutely. The screenshots and notes can then be received by the technician as the expert superimposes it on his glasses. Other relevant information can also be superimposed on the smart glasses, thereby helping the mechanic in every possible way.

How is the System Helpful?
With the augmented reality system in place, the maintenance time of the cars can be drastically reduced. This is possible as lengthy emails, long phone calls, site visits and other stuff which increase the repair time, will be eliminated. When Porsche owners get their cars back in a short span of time, they will definitely appreciate the effort.

With augmented reality, Porsche will be able to keep the customers happy and gain more customers in the process in the coming future.

Article Source & Image Source: https://bit.ly/2kR4r12



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