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ModiFace Mirror HD- The Next Generation Augmented Reality Mirror

ModiFace Mirror HD- The Next Generation Augmented Reality Mirror

ModiFace, one of the top providers of augmented reality technology for the medical and beauty industries, has brought a new mirror for the consumers. Known as the ModiFace Mirror HD, this new mirror will help you try out different looks without physically applying any makeup. You can save money this way and also keep your skin safe from excessive use of makeup.

What does ModiFace Mirror HD provide?

Trying out new styles and looks will become easier due to this augmented reality mirror. You can try out different makeup options and select the best one that suits you. Buying the right shade will become really simple and guess work will go out of the window. Brands like Jane Iredale, L’Oreal and Allergen have already signed up with ModiFace to showcase their products in the AR mirror.

Apart from changing their makeup and styles, users will be able to reverse the signs of aging, change the shape of their eyebrows, change their eye color and also whiten their teeth.

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Parham Aarabi, CEO of ModiFace said: “Augmented reality in the context of trying on beauty products is a technology that consumers love to use while increasing awareness and engagement for beauty brands. When we launched our original mirror solution, we were surprised by the level of interest from beauty brands in customizing this solution for their stores/apps. Mirror HD is our revolutionary next generation AR solution with significant enhancements, new features, and a substantially improved facial tracking and rendering technology. We expect this to benefit all women.”

What More to Expect from the Mirror?

Users will also get 3D makeup tutorials other than trying new looks. With these tutorials, they can learn easily and will be able to apply new techniques. The ModiFace Mirror HD is presently being displayed at the CES 2016.

However, the most fun part of the mirror is the ability to change makeup of different features just with a different facial expression. For instance, you could change your eye makeup just by raising your eyebrows or pucker your lips and change your lipstick.  

The augmented reality mirror can be bought for $2,000. The set includes an iPad Air 2 along with the app already installed in the device. You could try buying this mirror and save yourself lots of money buying shades which remain unused most of the time.  

What’s your thought?

What do you think about this AR mirror? Would you buy one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – modiface.com

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