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Google Glass Competitor: Samsung Glass Gear to Launch at IFA

Google Glass Competitor: Samsung Glass Gear to Launch at IFA

After the announcement of availability of Google Glass to the general public in the US, it seems that Samsung is on its way to launch its own set of augmented reality glasses. Samsung had already filed patents for a wearable headset in April and now if rumors are to believed, it is going to launch its AR headset at the IFA conference in Berlin which is going to be held in September. The augmented reality glass that Samsung will launch as a competitor of Google Glass, is supposed to be named Gear Glass. So, how is it going to look?

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Look and Feel of Gear Glass

The specifications of Gear Glass are supposed to be similar to the ones that are listed in the patent. They include a small and transparent heads up display (HUD) which projects out around the front of the right eye of the wearer. Rumors are also doing the rounds that the camera on Gear Glass is going to be superior to the one present on its competitor, Google Glass.

The design is supposed to resemble a Bluetooth headset and the next generation of Tizen OS will be used for Samsung’s augmented reality glasses. The same OS is found in other Gear products like Gear 2 smartwatch.

Immediate Retail Availability

The most interesting piece of news is that Samsung supposedly has plans to make the retail availability of Gear Glass immediately after the launch. This is in exception to what Google had done till the recent announcement of the availability of Google Glass for the US citizens.

This shows the confidence Samsung has on the consumer demand for its product. While Google Glass has a high price of $1500, it will be worth the wait to know what plans Samsung has regarding the retail price of Gear Glass. The high price of Google Glass can turn out to be its biggest drawback if Samsung takes advantage of it and decides on a lower price.

As of now, no official reports have been obtained from Samsung regarding the launch of Gear Glass. So, you need to wait till the official confirmation, before you start making plans to get your hands on this latest set of augmented reality glasses.

What do you say?

Do you use Google Glass? Are you planning to buy Samsung Gear Glass when it launches? Which one do you think will be better? Share your views regarding this in the comments below.

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