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3D Printing Takes CES 2015 by Storm

3D Printing Takes CES 2015 by Storm

The popularity of 3D printing has grown over the years and this was proved even more at the ongoing CES. The number of vendors this year is...

3D-printed moonbase

ESA to 3D Print Lunar Base with Lunar Materials

The use of lunar materials for 3D printing has finally been successful. The feasibility of the process has been proved by the European...


Printoo Brings 3D Printed Objects to Life

The best thing about Printoo is that it comes with a set of printed electronics modules, which were not available to the public previously.

3D printing pen from LIX

Coming Soon on Kickstarter- World’s Smallest 3D Printing Pen

3D printing pens are used to create drawings in the air. Tangible drawings can be made with the gestures that we humans make while talking,...