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Second Life Successor Invites Testers for Trying its VR Platform

Second Life Successor Invites Testers for Trying its VR Platform

Linden Lab, the creator of Second Life, is ready with its successor. The virtual reality platform is now ready for testing. The company has invited outside creative testers to test this new VR world which has been named Project Sansar. Plans are on for bringing this virtual reality world in public beta by 2016. The aim of this project is to democratize virtual reality as a creative medium. The aim is to empower people to easily share, create and monetize their own interactive, multi-user virtual experiences without the requirement of any resources.

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WordPress for VR”

Project Sansar is being described by Linden Lab not just as a virtual world but as a WordPress for VR. It is an infrastructure which will allow users create their own VR experiences and also visit others’ experiences.

Linden Lab said that the VR platform will provide professional-level performance and quality with “exceptional visual fidelity, 3D audio, and physics simulation.”

Project Sansar will work best with VR headsets like the Oculus Rift. It will also be accessible through PCs and when it will be launched for consumers, mobile devices can also be used.

Basic Testing

Project Sansar is still at an early stage. As of now, there are no building tools for Project Sansar. They will be using the Maya modeling software and export the results into the game. The version which will be released finally, will have its own tools and support different third-party software.  

The first testers of Project Sansar will be testing basic functionality. They will create their own environments and view those created by Linden Lab and others. Over the course of 2015, more members will be added and a beta version will launch alongside the launch of the consumer version of Oculus Rift headset.

Ebbe Altberg, CEO at Linden Lab, said “We want to lower the barrier of entry for VR experience creation. Project Sansar will do for virtual experiences what WordPress has done for the web: empower a broad range of people to create with professional quality and reach global audiences. By greatly expanding who can create virtual experiences, Project Sansar will also extend the value of VR to a wide variety of use-cases – from gaming and entertainment to education, architecture, art, community-building, business meetings, healthcare, conferences, training, and more.”

With the launch of the beta version of Project Sansar, it will be clear how it will work in the future.

What do you think?

What do you think about this successor of Project Sansar? Will it be better than Second Life? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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