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Target Celebrates Halloween with YouTube Virtual Reality Series

Target Celebrates Halloween with YouTube Virtual Reality Series

Target is celebrating Halloween with virtual reality. The retailer has created a YouTube virtual reality series in a follow-up to last year’s “Halloween Hills.” A mobile site has also been unveiled which will help parents of trick-or-treaters to find the best houses. You will be able to enjoy the virtual reality experience on YouTube.

“The House on Hallow Hill”

The virtual reality series has been developed in-house and is known as “The House on Hallow Hill.” It is available for viewing on YouTube.

There are six videos in this series and an introductory scene which will set the pace. The introductory scene shows a haunted house, which is a mansion in Minneapolis, where Target has its headquarters. You can see a hand holding a phone to click a picture of the house. The scene shows, a raven coming and taking away the phone at that instant. You will then see a pop-up message in YouTube which prompts you for the next action like exploring any of the rooms of the mansion. The rooms include “The Candy Carnival,” “The Ghoulish Graveyard,” “Day of the Dead” and “Dinner with Ghosts.”

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Kristi Argyilan, senior VP-media, guest engagement and measurement at Target, said that Halloween enthusiasts will love this video series. She said “There’s a particular group that’s just fanatical around Halloween. There’s a lot of pressure for them to decorate in what we call an epic sort of way. They also are incredibly busy, so their ability to execute Halloween in a way they’d want to is difficult.”

With the video, you will be able to explore a virtual room and can shop items which are seen in the room. Once the virtual reality video finishes, you will get a promo code for a discount of 10 percent.

Target is aiming consumers, who are hosting a Halloween party, preparing their kids or decorating their homes through this virtual reality video series.

“Treatster”- The Mobile Site

A mobile site called the “Treatster” has also been released by Target to help parents find the best trick-or-treat locations in their area. The website has been created with 360i. Google Maps’ API will be used by the website to crowdsource data from parents. They can use it for voting for the best areas by tagging those locations as “treat.” A large pumpkin will appear on the map for the areas with more “treats.”

Ms. Argyilan said regarding the mobile site that it is about “allowing guests to engage in holiday in the way that they naturally would.” She added “They’re tweeting, and they’re posting on Facebook. [The mobile site] is really about delighting kids and family when they go trick or treating.”

No specific addresses will be used by the mobile site and you won’t be able to get a “street view” on it. The mobile website will just give you a general reference. Voting for one house is possible just once.

So, if you want to enjoy Halloween in a different way, try out these virtual reality videos in YouTube.

What about you?

Are you going to see this virtual reality video series? How do you celebrate Halloween? We would like to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below.

Image Source – smallbiztrends.com

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