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DAQRI Acquired Wearable Technology Start-Up Melon

DAQRI Acquired Wearable Technology Start-Up Melon

DAQRI, the developer of augmented reality helmet, has acquired a Los Angeles based start-up Melon, which develops wearable technology. Melon, the start-up had developed an EEG tracking headband back in 2013. The company had raised triple its funding goal in a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in 2013 and DAQRI was an early customer of its product. The acquisition comes with the hope that more businesses will buy DAQRI’s product, as they can now get additional benefit of the Melon headband.

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Announcement of the Acquisition

The announcement of the acquisition was made by Brian Mullins, the CEO of DAQRI, at the 4D expo, the augmented reality event which is hosted by the company. DAQRI is working on 4D, where the technology projects data on the environment of the users, rather than limiting it to a screen. The Smart Helmet is one aspect of that work. The company has now plans to incorporate the Melon headband in the Smart Helmet.

Mullins said in a statement “The EEG space has immediate potential to enhance 4D wearables with safety features, as well as long term potential to create a game-changing brain-computer interface that will allow you to control 4D interfaces and objects in the real world. We have been working with EEG technology in conjunction with augmented reality for several years and it was clear that the Melon team was really pushing the limits of what was possible today, and in the future. We couldn’t be more excited to have them join the DAQRI team.”

How will it Help the Consumers?

The headband was developed by Melon to test people’s focus. This was done by carrying out an electroencephalogram, a test which finds out the electrical activity of the brain. With the acquisition, the technology will become more advanced and will be able to monitor the stress level, skin temperature, fatigue and heart rate of the users.

Companies could get the Smart Helmet from DAQRI with the headband integrated in it to monitor the health of the workers, thereby potentially improving the workplace safety. The functionality of the Smart Helmet will expand with the health tracking capabilities of the Melon headband.

However, Melon is not dead as a consumer product. The company will still ship the outstanding crowdfunding orders of its smart headband and develop the second version of the device.

In a statement, the co-founder and CEO of Melon, Arye Barnehama said “The Melon team is excited to be joining DAQRI, where we will continue to grow and improve our current product as well as implement our technology in new areas, such as health and safety in industry. We built Melon to empower people with information about their bodies that was not previously available outside of research labs or hospitals. Joining DAQRI will allow us to integrate our wearable sensors into products that will improve the lives of industrial workers, making them safer and healthier, by personalizing technology to their biology.”

Unless the Smart Helmet releases with the Melon headband integrated in it, it is difficult to say whether this acquisition could turn out to be successful.


What do you think?

Do you think this acquisition by DAQRI will help the company? Did you participate in the crowdfunding campaign for the Melon headband? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source : techcrunch.com

Article Source – latimes.com

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