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Nand Logic Smart Helmet Offers Augmented Intelligence to Riders

Nand Logic Smart Helmet Offers Augmented Intelligence to Riders

Smart Helmet, the new motorcycle helmet, will provide the wearers with a new riding experience. The prototype of this Smart Helmet was unveiled at the CES 2015 and has been developed by Nand Logic, a company based in America. The helmet will improve the “situational awareness” of the motorcyclists. The company believes that a Smart Helmet should offer the user with Augmented Intelligence. Based on their belief, they have created this Smart Helmet.

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Providing Augmented Intelligence

Nand Logic believes that the Smart Helmet should let users perform high-level cognitive tasks like snowboarding, cycling or skateboarding, and at the same time it should perform functions of low level which supports these high-level tasks. The low level functions include managing communication skills, signaling, processing environmental data and noise reduction.

Apart from that, the smart gear should improve the “Situational Awareness” by providing relevant information in a simple and clear way. This is what you can expect from Nand Logic’s Smart Helmet.

All the functions are achieved by monitoring the external and internal environment of the helmet and by making the users as well as other motorists aware of information which is relevant for them, from time-to-time.

Specifications of the Smart Helmet

The Smart Helmet provides intelligent lighting, wireless communication with Bluetooth, image processing and more. LEDs have been used for turn signals, headlights and brake lights. The Smart Helmet has software which controls emergency braking, hazard lights, accelerometer, auto dimming function and light sensor. Users can store their data on SD card and capture images and videos using the rear and front camera integrated in the head gear. It also has an object recognition feature with which objects can be tracked and the rider will get warning for blindspots and collision.

The Smart Helmet can be connected wirelessly to your mobile phones and you can accept and make phone calls just through your helmet. Communication in a group is also possible and there are voice controls to adjust the call volume. You will also be able to configure and control the mobile phone app with this intelligent device. With an active ventilation system and an embedded fan, wearers will get all the ventilation they need while riding. The functional mask provides protection and can be removed, if the motorist doesn’t want to use it. Any car horns and sirens can be detected and the wearer can be alerted about the cars or vehicles nearby. Sensors like gyroscope, accelerometer, temperature and humidity sensor and ambient light sensor completes the device.

It is undoubtedly one of the best smart devices with so many features embedded in it. However, its full functionality can only be realized when the Smart Helmet releases commercially in the market and it can be found out whether it is better than the Skully Helmet.

What do you think?

Do you think the Smart Helmet is better than Skully helmet? Which of the features do you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – damngeeky.com

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